Generational Health are those effects passed on genetically, epigenetically and environmentally, shaping humanity's evolutionary curve.

TOWER CAPITAL GROUP is an economic development entity responsible for defining, developing and funding the category of Generational Health.

Generational Health are those effects passed on genetically, epigenetically and environmentally, shaping humanity's evolutionary curve.

These effects are scientifically and systemically measurable. They represent a multitrillion-dollar opportunity for both the public and private sector growth.

Operating across industries, regions and partners, TOWER and its affiliates deploy expertise and capital to uncover economic value, investment and innovation within Generational Health and bring it to stakeholders across the globe.

“In collaboration with TOWER CAPITAL, we are delighted to launch the First Global Responsible Investment Consortium for Women's Health. Together, let's bridge the funding gap and unlock innovation for better health outcomes for all women.“

-Shyam Bishen,
Head, Centre for Health & Healthcare, The World Economic Forum.

By Q1 2024, Tower Capital Group established itself as the global pioneer in Generational Health.

Three entities were launched as Tower Capital Group: – all three to accelerate Generational Health. First through economic development, second through societal charitable education and third through private and public sector investment. press link

Generational Health was defined as a transformative category by presentation and publication through scientific, health and economic lens by founder, Sanskriti Thakur. press link

$17.4B USD in generational health assets (measured by total invested capital) were evaluated and published to define both the market and investment opportunity.

A perspective on value drivers was published in Davos with the World Economic Forum Annual meeting this Jan 2024. publication link

Finally, Tower Capital has been chosen by global leaders including the World Economic Forum as a key partner to pioneer investment in Generational Health, globally. press link



TOWER Capital also announced a set of curated Generational Health entities representing an estimated $17.4 billion in total invested capital to date. TOWER presented a view into this investable cohort in Davos this week against the iconic backdrop of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

Unlocking Generational Health: why its important and how businesses can help


by Sanskriti Thakur

Announcing the launch of TOWER COUNCIL FOUNDATION

Launches to lead the way in research and education for Generational Health

Press Release Dec 19, 2023

Coalescing public and private stakeholders towards focused action into the category of Generational Health.


The CDC predicts that life expectancy will increase through and beyond 2030, while disparity in health spending between countries will widen, further increasing inequalities.


According to WHO, after 2030, climate change is expected to cause ~250,000 additional deaths per year from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea, and heat stress alone, costing more than $2-4B per year.


Post-2030, QJE anticipates that there will be a decline in global productivity due to deteriorating economic demographics in most countries.

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